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Top rated - Portrait, pencil / Портреты карандашом
Nina.1483 viewsThis is a portrait of a very nice girl named Nina. We are working together in the same lab, and I think she is one of the most nicest people I ever met! :)22222
(26 votes)
Old picture from photo2261 viewsThis picture was done some time ago, it was first attempt to draw picture from photo as order from one person. But first I did not liked it and then I did another picture from another photo. This picture is now situated somewhere in Warsaw. I found this photo recently, unfortunately, it is not the best one.2 comments22222
(46 votes)
Alisa1223 viewsOne more girl, 10 years old, who wanted me to do her portrait while my visit in Jäneda...22222
(14 votes)
To Anton (I don't know the name of the girl).1751 viewsPortrait was done using a very artistic and well done foto. Anton asked from me to do this portrait, unfortunately it was at the end of September, when I had to go to Poland, and under this sircumstance I did it only in october and brought back to Estonia to Anton only in the middle of November. Hope, Anton will apologize me for this and this will help him to say about his true love. I am sutisfied with this drawing. )22222
(17 votes)
Женя.1871 viewsФевраль 2003;
A4, карандаш.
(20 votes)
Svetlana and Igor1477 viewsThis is an order from nice woman, Svetlana. I did it from their wedding photo, because this is inspired me much. Portrait was a bit changed before going to the owner's hands. :)22222
(23 votes)
Margarita1442 viewsIt was very hard to do good quality photo. This is just variation, made by using Gimp, and in my opinion, it showes better this portrait. But original peace could be seen not very clearly on the photo with model...
This is a bit tricky to take a good shot from pencil: cant actually use flash, and it was already dark so we had to use lapms, not daylight, which is the best.
(20 votes)
T-Bag from "Prison Break"2046 viewsThis is another attempt to draw a T-Bag from the series. His face is too kind, in my opinion...22222
(35 votes)
Nihon811640 viewsGift.22222
(28 votes)
Наташа (портрет 5)1494 viewsЯнварь 2005;
A4, карандаш.

Портрет нарисован в подарок на День Рождения Наташе от Миронова Вадима. Все шесть портретов отправлены в Россию, город Димитровград. Четыре портрета выполнены карандашом и грифелем, два - пастелью и находятся в разделе Пастель/Портреты.
(17 votes)
Misha - Pirate! )))1384 viewsOur son Misha.22222
(22 votes)
Margarita1739 viewsMargarita with her portrait. =)22222
(13 votes)
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