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Top rated - Portrait, pencil / Портреты карандашом
Will Smith2670 views5 comments33333
(29 votes)
Katja (Croatia)1266 views26 June 2006;
Somewhere in Croatia, in a bus;
А4, pencil B;
Time: about 40 min;
Reference: real person;

On this picture details could be seen better. =)))
1 comments22222
(15 votes)
Marsel 021549 viewsA bit redone and another mastering in Photoshop - darker.22222
(15 votes)
Selfportrait1741 viewsI did this portrait while staying in Poland. I did it in the bathroom, because there was biggest mirror at whole room.1 comments22222
(22 votes)
Michael RIP1758 viewsIt was a history. I was not fan of him, but somehow I feel sorrow about his death...22222
(23 votes)
Zlodella1476 viewsWe met in Livejournal. :))) She is extraordinary beautiful woman.22222
(26 votes)
Husband1307 viewsSketch.22222
(18 votes)
Scofiеld from "Prison Break"1931 views1 comments22222
(15 votes)
Наташа (портрет 1)2054 viewsЯнварь 2005;
A4, карандаш, грифель.

Портрет нарисован в подарок на День Рождения Наташе от Миронова Вадима. Все шесть портретов отправлены в Россию, город Димитровград. Четыре портрета выполнены карандашом и грифелем, два - пастелью и находятся в разделе Пастель/Портреты.
4 comments22222
(31 votes)
Nefertiti.1828 views1 comments22222
(22 votes)
Redzmey nr 21404 viewsFollowing a dream...22222
(27 votes)
Lena1508 viewsLena wanted me to do her portrait during her pregnancy period. It was a pleasure for me to do that. May be this is not the best portrait I ever did, but I like it by myself and I want to try more to draw pregnant woman if I will have such an opportunity. Because pregnancy changes woman to a very beautiful, shining from the inside... =)))22222
(18 votes)
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