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Top rated - Portrait, pastel / Портреты пастелью
Miku263 viewsOne of the latest steps.33333
(6 votes)
Вепри624 viewsCommission. Very interesting story of the commission. )))33333
(9 votes)
Natalia's mother839 viewsThis is a gift for mother of my friend at her birthday. Picture was ordered. :)33333
(19 votes)
Наташа (портрет 4) в рамке.788 viewsПортрет нарисован в подарок на День Рождения Наташе от Миронова Вадима. Все шесть портретов отправлены в Россию, город Димитровград. Два портрета выполнены пастелью, четыре портрета остальных - карандашом и грифелем и находятся в разделе Карандаш/Портреты.
Для этого портрета была сделана рамка.
(16 votes)
Jelena's husband778 viewsCommission.22222
(32 votes)
Evelin, second portrait.747 viewsSometimes, very seldom, I see someone and then I JUST KNOW that I will draw picture. This time I knew that next day after I saw her at party of our friend I will do this picture. Once I already drew Evelin. Now I know that she will be always one of my favourite "models", so I hope this is not last time. :) And now I know that I have to teach how to draw hands... On the portrait all is real except ear and earring.22222
(26 votes)
Liland Palmer (Lora)874 viewsFinished portrait. 22222
(17 votes)
Svetik886 viewsThis is a portrait of a very bright and cheerful young woman and mother. I was really happy to meet her in my life! :)))22222
(21 votes)
She is a teacher. 1868 viewsCommission.22222
(24 votes)
Женя.834 views22222
(23 votes)
Liland Palmer (Lora)797 viewsWork in progress.22222
(19 votes)
Anna637 viewsThis wonderful young woman recently became mother!!! :))) My best wishes to her and her chield! :))) It was a pleasure to draw her while she was pregnant, she is really nice person. :)22222
(19 votes)
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