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Portrait from an old photo185 viewsThis portrait was done for Andra from the old black and white picture of her mother. This old picture was made when she was young.
no name538 viewsI do like pictures done only in black and white. But this have to be expresing... I donno, if I could do that.
Dark Angel, step 03582 viewsDone totally in Photoshop, changing some colours. Not finished.
Dark Angel, step 02533 viewsDone totally in Photoshop, using pencil drawing as reference layer. Not finished.
Just a girl402 viewsDone in Photoshop.
Just a girl403 viewsSketch was scanned once, then printed in very low quality, so that drawing was purely seen, then redrawed with thick lines and once more scanned. Thick outline was used to do an outline in Photoshop.
Project Angel, unfinished; naked.360 viewsVariation of the picture: deleting DRESS layer and adding some colours and shapes to the SKIN layer. :)))
Project Angel, unfinished.354 viewsThis is first attempt to create something using photoshop in right way. First, I had to read some short docs about creating such pictures. Now this is in its unfinished form, hopefully I will have some more time to fenish it in the nearest future. :)
Elf: first step383 viewsTo do this work, I did a detailed picture on a paper using pencil and charcgoal. Then I did a picture and transferred into computer.
Elf: work in Photoshop, stage one401 viewsThen I started to work in Photoshop. To be continued.
St Valentine382 viewsAnd this is plus Photoshop. :)
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