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Galina Miller1795 viewsThis portrait was made during one good sunny day in the park. This nice girl is ona of my friends. Unfortunately, photo was not best quality, so another friend helped me to make something normal from it using Photoshop. :)
Angel of feelings778 viewsSketch.
Evelin and George877 viewsThey are my goos friends! This was just funny time spending together. :)))
Front side.270 viewsThere is no drawing on the front side, this is just for showing model of the cellular.
Both cellulars together. :)344 views
Back side.280 views
Marina Tuuling653 viewsThis is Marina, my co-laboratory-worker. She is brilliant in studing and also very beautiful. Her skin is as porcelain, very smooth and light. Unfortunately, I am still not experienced enough to draw as I see people... Imagine - yes, technically - need to practise...

:) Anyway, thank to Marina or this evening.
Evelin, second portrait.747 viewsSometimes, very seldom, I see someone and then I JUST KNOW that I will draw picture. This time I knew that next day after I saw her at party of our friend I will do this picture. Once I already drew Evelin. Now I know that she will be always one of my favourite "models", so I hope this is not last time. :) And now I know that I have to teach how to draw hands... On the portrait all is real except ear and earring.
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