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Wall in Katja's flat, fragment600 viewsThis is a wall in very modern house, just finished. There is one room, big and nonsymmetrical, one wall in front of this is from glass. Drawing is done on major straight wall in front of glass wall, and it is about 6-7 meters long. There is place for sofa inside the drawing. On opposite narrow walls in between of windows some japanise calligraphy are done.
Birds are Japanese cranes. Trees are stylish Sakura.
Oct 28, 2007
no name538 viewsI do like pictures done only in black and white. But this have to be expresing... I donno, if I could do that.Oct 20, 2007
Winnie the Pooh for blon_da865 viewsThis is drawing into child's room for Lena. :))) I did it with great pleasure. :)Oct 12, 2007
Muza.569 viewsThis is my muza. :)))Oct 11, 2007
Blonda's son.1582 viewsThis is a portrait of a little boy. :)))Oct 08, 2007
Ordered.1454 viewsThis is an order from my friend. It was a present.Sep 27, 2007
666 viewsSep 04, 2007
Ququshka.862 viewsVery nice girl. :)))1 commentsSep 02, 2007
Evelin and George877 viewsThey are my goos friends! This was just funny time spending together. :)))Aug 01, 2007
Freedom1122 viewsFinished work.Aug 01, 2007
Freedom, work in progress1284 viewsFirst step.Aug 01, 2007
Olga (keemik)888 viewsOlga is young scientist in the chemistry field. She is calm, and I was happy to meet her at my house. Jul 30, 2007
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