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Last additions - Portrait, pencil / Портреты карандашом
Svetlana and Igor1477 viewsThis is an order from nice woman, Svetlana. I did it from their wedding photo, because this is inspired me much. Portrait was a bit changed before going to the owner's hands. :)Feb 19, 2007
Old picture from photo2261 viewsThis picture was done some time ago, it was first attempt to draw picture from photo as order from one person. But first I did not liked it and then I did another picture from another photo. This picture is now situated somewhere in Warsaw. I found this photo recently, unfortunately, it is not the best one.2 commentsFeb 15, 2007
Father.1422 viewsThis is done from old black/white picture of my friend's father (Andrey). Feb 15, 2007
Redzmey nr 21404 viewsFollowing a dream...Oct 01, 2006
Pei Feng1284 viewsPei is very successful recearcher in cancer area, she works in Amerika, and we met on the Zinc Signals 2006' conference. Pei and me went for some days to visit Roma after conference and Pei asked from me to meet and to draw her, so I did this portrait in the reception hall of Milton Roma hotel. She gave me a gift for this... I will newer forget our evening in Roma, because it was something special for us both... Sep 26, 2006
RedZmey1368 viewshttp://pics.livejournal.com/redzmey/pic/001404kg

This picture inspirated me... =))) But I am not shure about similarlity, because I do not know this person in real life.
Sep 10, 2006
Margarita1442 viewsIt was very hard to do good quality photo. This is just variation, made by using Gimp, and in my opinion, it showes better this portrait. But original peace could be seen not very clearly on the photo with model...
This is a bit tricky to take a good shot from pencil: cant actually use flash, and it was already dark so we had to use lapms, not daylight, which is the best.
Aug 22, 2006
Margarita1739 viewsMargarita with her portrait. =)Aug 21, 2006
Margarita1214 viewsThis cheerful girl has some special soft beauty of Woman... The cut of her eyes had deep impression on me, so in this portrait I tryed to show this...
Aug 21, 2006
Lena1508 viewsLena wanted me to do her portrait during her pregnancy period. It was a pleasure for me to do that. May be this is not the best portrait I ever did, but I like it by myself and I want to try more to draw pregnant woman if I will have such an opportunity. Because pregnancy changes woman to a very beautiful, shining from the inside... =)))Aug 14, 2006
...1134 viewsI was tired and I had too less time to concentrate because I had to leave by train soon... And I do not remember his name... =)Aug 14, 2006
Alisa1223 viewsOne more girl, 10 years old, who wanted me to do her portrait while my visit in Jäneda...Aug 14, 2006
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