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Last additions - Portrait, pastel / Портреты пастелью
Zi962 viewsJul 24, 2006
Zi724 viewsZina - you are wonderful and really full of life! Do not forget me, never! =)))))Jul 24, 2006
Evelin797 viewsFirst portrait and drawing after a special period. Thanks to Evelin for sharing this morning with me! =)Jun 04, 2006
Evelin1082 views1 commentsJun 04, 2006
Anna Kuzina758 viewsMay 01, 2006
Anna Kuzina900 viewsMay 01, 2006
810 viewsThis is a portrait of doughter of Irina, a very good person who did so much for me! Hope to see them both again! =DApr 22, 2006
Ksju813 viewsPortrait of the doughter of my friend and co-worker Katja. Very cheerful, sunny girl, who can't seat on one place for a long time. =) Thanks for great evening, tea and smiles to the whole family, I was enjoing this evening! =)Mar 13, 2006
Sasha (Krakow train)981 viewsIt was very interesting story how we met: I was travelling back to Warsaw after being home by bus, Sasha was travelling by same bus, but she had to get some train from Warsaw to Krakow at the same day. I decided to help her and took her to Central trainstation. I said that I will call the number she gave me when I will be back home. I called. We met in Tallinn. And I proposed to draw her... =)1 commentsFeb 24, 2006
My mam767 viewsThis is my beloved mother - Galina. =)))Feb 12, 2006
Zuzja (framed).690 viewsJan 31, 2006
Piotrek998 viewsReally nice person, very active and smily. Piotrek is working in the mass lab at IBB PAS in Warsaw. The paking of the portrait was really funny: it was paked into big box, fixed on the botom with scotc and then box was closed... =))))1 commentsJan 29, 2006
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