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Last additions - Portrait, pastel / Портреты пастелью
Tatjana617 viewsThis is very good person, Tatjana. Once her friend, also Tatjana, asked me to draw her and gave me some photos. I liked them very much, because they were artistic. So, I took one as an primary, and did this portrait with butterflies... :)))Dec 28, 2006
Anna637 viewsThis wonderful young woman recently became mother!!! :))) My best wishes to her and her chield! :))) It was a pleasure to draw her while she was pregnant, she is really nice person. :)Dec 25, 2006
Tune_Baby541 viewsThis is one really wonderful girl, her name is Tanja. She and her boyfriend, Kirill, visited me today and I did her portrait. I enjoyed to do that, because she is really beautiful. Unfortunately, I had not much time, so I had to mobilize myself and create something like this... :)))Dec 22, 2006
Tune_Baby610 viewsTanja with her portrait. :)))Dec 22, 2006
Son of Natasha.511 views:))))Dec 21, 2006
For Aida, framed.543 viewsFrame is really very good for this picture! In this frame portrait became finished artwork. :)Dec 11, 2006
For Aida.806 viewsThis portrait was a gift for husband of one woman. She was first woman who did ordered a portrait of beloved men in my practice. I wish her all the best and to be happy together "ever after". :)))1 commentsDec 11, 2006
Peep Palumaa1395 viewsThis is my professor from the Institute of Gene Technology, Tallin University of Technology. Picture is small and done for drawing competition which holds in our department of Mathematics and Nature Sciences this year. To compete you have to draw one of the lecturers. Peep is a lecturer and also my direct guide in science almost 5 years...Dec 01, 2006
Arvo Kabonen629 viewsThis is one o my best friends and besides that he is wonderful person! :)Oct 30, 2006
Andra706 viewsAndra is my coworker from the lab. It was a pleasure to draw her. She has so beautiful eyes, that I tried to stress them... Also, I have chosen the colour of paper so, that there is no need in any kind of background, in my opinion. =)Aug 17, 2006
Tuuli850 viewsTuuli with her portrait. =)))Aug 10, 2006
Tuuli688 viewsTuuli is my collegue from lab. She is really beautiful, cheerful, and very good person. It was a pleasure to draw her. =)Aug 10, 2006
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