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Last additions - Portrait, pastel / Портреты пастелью
Manaura612 viewsThis girl is like beautiful flower... I was enjoing an evening of drawing this portrait. :)Feb 26, 2007
Katrina Kivimäe573 viewsThis nice girl is my colleague in laboratory. :)Feb 12, 2007
Frosen sun586 viewsUnfortunately, I was so stupid, to do a photo shot after putting picture under glass... So, this is not best picture, I used Photoshop to do it's colors at least be similar to real life...

In the whole, It was a pleasure to do this portrait. Taja is very interesting person, and she seem to be very strong for me. :))) And her face is interesting to draw.
Feb 04, 2007
Frosen sun709 viewsThis is girl Taja with the portrait. :) Interesting, that Taja is artist too. :)))Feb 04, 2007
Evelin, second portrait.747 viewsSometimes, very seldom, I see someone and then I JUST KNOW that I will draw picture. This time I knew that next day after I saw her at party of our friend I will do this picture. Once I already drew Evelin. Now I know that she will be always one of my favourite "models", so I hope this is not last time. :) And now I know that I have to teach how to draw hands... On the portrait all is real except ear and earring.Jan 21, 2007
Kairit574 viewsThis is Kairit, my good friend. She is wonderful, what can I say more!!! I was waiting to draw her for such a long time! And now - that is it! :) Of course, this is not like she sitted in front of me, wearing all this stuff, - I imagined her in this way. :)
Jan 10, 2007
Family625 viewsI did some improvements before framing. :)Jan 08, 2007
Family: framed574 viewsSorry for the quality of the photo... Jan 08, 2007
Family560 viewsThis is a portrait for my friend, Marina. She wants to gift it to their parents. There are 4 people on the picture: 3 sisters (including Marina) and brother. :)Jan 06, 2007
Jasherka596 viewsOnce I received an e-mail with an ask to draw a portrait. Today we met and spent some time together. I really liked this young girl and I tried to show it. Also, I liked her profile and decided to draw from this point of view. :)))Jan 04, 2007
Masha, framed.599 viewsFrame and mat are gold color.Jan 01, 2007
Masha.793 viewsThis was an order for a New Year gift from Anton, who asked to draw her beloved woman, Maria. :) Portrait was done in two steps.1 commentsJan 01, 2007
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