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Horse's head study1264 viewsSketch.
Horse head study1550 viewsThis is drawing, close to original.
Horse head study3890 viewsThis is manipulation in Photoshop.
Horse study 0011240 viewsJust for studiyng a horse anatomy and training a hand.
A Dream (I want to fly)1419 viewsI drew it using a small photo as reference of horse body. Name of the picture is "A Dream", alternative is "I want to fly".
Running horse1575 viewsI did this drawing on the basis of a picture, but changed some details and at the end I did not used photo as reference, just followed my feelings. :))) This will be a gift for special person: Maire from Janeda.
Ged - sparrow-hawk, fighting with servants of the Stone.1667 viewsWe are reading a very interesting book: U. L. Guin, EARTHSEA. Wonderful book, so I wanted to draw something conected, like sparrowhawk... :)))1 comments
Black Unicorn1429 viewsI want to draw horses, and I want to it well, but... I need more practice with a real horses!!! This is done from photo, and of course, using my imagination... =)
Upd: I decided to gift it to my horse riding trainer, Merle, from Niitvalja. She is wonderful woman!!! :) I did it today. Seems like she liked it! :)
Einhorn.1382 viewsI dreamed about drawing a horse. There will be more. =)))1 comments
Black cat1872 views
Wolf2075 views5 comments
Sonja, cat.2530 views2 comments
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