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Manaura612 viewsThis girl is like beautiful flower... I was enjoing an evening of drawing this portrait. :)
Katrina Kivimäe573 viewsThis nice girl is my colleague in laboratory. :)
Frosen sun586 viewsUnfortunately, I was so stupid, to do a photo shot after putting picture under glass... So, this is not best picture, I used Photoshop to do it's colors at least be similar to real life...

In the whole, It was a pleasure to do this portrait. Taja is very interesting person, and she seem to be very strong for me. :))) And her face is interesting to draw.
Frosen sun709 viewsThis is girl Taja with the portrait. :) Interesting, that Taja is artist too. :)))
Evelin, second portrait.747 viewsSometimes, very seldom, I see someone and then I JUST KNOW that I will draw picture. This time I knew that next day after I saw her at party of our friend I will do this picture. Once I already drew Evelin. Now I know that she will be always one of my favourite "models", so I hope this is not last time. :) And now I know that I have to teach how to draw hands... On the portrait all is real except ear and earring.
Kairit574 viewsThis is Kairit, my good friend. She is wonderful, what can I say more!!! I was waiting to draw her for such a long time! And now - that is it! :) Of course, this is not like she sitted in front of me, wearing all this stuff, - I imagined her in this way. :)
Family625 viewsI did some improvements before framing. :)
Family: framed574 viewsSorry for the quality of the photo...
Family560 viewsThis is a portrait for my friend, Marina. She wants to gift it to their parents. There are 4 people on the picture: 3 sisters (including Marina) and brother. :)
Jasherka596 viewsOnce I received an e-mail with an ask to draw a portrait. Today we met and spent some time together. I really liked this young girl and I tried to show it. Also, I liked her profile and decided to draw from this point of view. :)))
Masha, framed.599 viewsFrame and mat are gold color.
Masha.793 viewsThis was an order for a New Year gift from Anton, who asked to draw her beloved woman, Maria. :) Portrait was done in two steps.1 comments
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