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Julia and her son.740 viewsA commission for young woman of her and her son. :)))
Irina741 viewsIrina is my coworker in the lab. She is very beautiful, energetic girl and I am proud to be her friend.
Libbe675 viewsWhen she came into my room, I thought that she came from the past of Rembrandt. Her beauty is so classic, calm, and soft, that I was very happy to draw that. Really. :)))
Portrait joke.653 viewsThis is a guy with a woman's make up. It supposed to be a gift for 1 of April.
Dusja666 viewsDusja is my friend, very beautiful and funny girl. :)
Riina656 viewsRiina is very cheerful, funny and superb young woman!!! :))) I was enjoing this evening with her. :))) Riina plays tennis professionally, so we decided to draw her with tennis racket.
Two ages of one woman, framed624 views
Two ages of one woman628 viewsThis is same woman at her different ages: now and in the past. Ordered portrait.
Marina Tuuling653 viewsThis is Marina, my co-laboratory-worker. She is brilliant in studing and also very beautiful. Her skin is as porcelain, very smooth and light. Unfortunately, I am still not experienced enough to draw as I see people... Imagine - yes, technically - need to practise...

:) Anyway, thank to Marina or this evening.
Zalata_ja609 viewsAmazing person. :)))
Redzmey578 viewsPortrait of the photographer. :)))
Anastassia582 viewsShe found me through the internet, and today she was at my home and I did this portrait. I really liked this young woman. :)
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